In lovely Memory

Hermann - my Brother

April 02, 1949 - April 25, 2015

You are reunited with your loved ones
which you dearly missed.
And all which stayed,
thinking hearlyfull where you will be now.

Thanky all for the loving sympathy and comforting words.


Shouldn’t the world have stopped turning a couple of days ago? Where was the big bang, the big sign, that informed everyone that we have to go on without you from now on? There was no bang and the world just keeps turning. In the past couple of days our family has shared our memories of you. This has shown us all a much stronger image of you. Each individual has come to realize, just how much you meant to them.

But now we know that you didn’t only help and care for those close to you, but also numerous others. There’s a saying: The only important thing in live are the tracks of love we leave behind, when we’re forced to depart unexpectedly. I have realized in the recent days, just how many large and small tracks of love and friendship you’ve left behind. It is a great comfort, as I’m certain that no one who got to know you, will ever forget you.

Over the rainbowbridge..

...but unforgetable!


Mary war ein Pudel in Not, der eingeschläfert werden sollte und noch schöne 3 1/2 Jahre bei mir verbracht hat.



Leider mußte unsere Venezia uns nach einem kurzen unheilbaren Krebsleiden zu früh verlassen!